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Monday, 13 October 2008

MATERNITY / BIG SIZE Reject Export (MBDR), Baby -Toddler Reject

All This Dress/Clothes / Baby -Toddler in this Album is REJECT EXPORT in Good Condition

(Not Include Shipping cost)

Code: MBDR 739, Price : Rp 60.000,-/piece
For : Maternity / Big Size / Breastfeeding

Material: cotton, Color: Light Green ( 1 piece), Size : 14

Measurement :
Around Length 71 cm, bust 96 cm, waist 90 cm, hip 98 cm.
Flower motive.Little dust at arm part. Better wash very clean. Button can open up until down for breastfeeding.

Code: MBDR 481, Price : Rp 70.000,-/piece
Material: Cotton

Color: Black
Size : S for normal/big/ maternity semester I (stock 1 piece)
Size M for big /maternity semester I - II ( stock 1 piece No Belt )

Measurement :
Around Size XL, Length 105 cm, bust 108 cm, waist 114 cm, hip 128 cm. Circle Shoulder 46 cm
Circle arm 32 cm.Wrap woman Dress, this dress style like kimono Dress

Code :MBDR 062

Price : Rp 70.000,-/piece

Material: Jersey
Color:. White, Size: 3 L
For: Maternity/Big Size

Detail measurement:
Around Length from shoulder 71 cm. around neck in front of part there is stone decoration.
Length 71 cm,Bust 116 cm, waist 124 cm. Little spot at left arm, better wash clean


Price and Color:

Purple Mix Stripe ( sold out), Discount become Rp 90.000,-

deformity is little out weft at arm and left buttom

For : Maternity semester I - III / Big Size /Normal Size

Material: Satin Stretch, Size: All Size

Detail Measurement :

Length 95 cm, before using bust 86 cm,around bust until waist is elasticity.Maximum bust

126 cm. Waist 68 cm, Maximum waist 108 cm, hip 146 cm. Circle shoulder 46 cm,a part

shoulder is elasticity. Maximum circle shoulder 70 cm.

Material satin stretch so fits body for normal size. Look elegance to wear..


CODE: MBDR 271 FOR NORMAL /BIG SIZE deformity is little out weft at arm and left buttom

Code : MBDR Pants 228
cream XL (1 Piece) , Discount Become Rp 90.000,-
Reject the left thigh, the back bottom left black stains
Cream M (1 piece) , Discount Become Rp 100.000,-
Material: Cotton stretch
For: Maternity/Big

Detail measurement: There Is Pouch For Belly
Size M,before use around Length 102 cm, waist 86 cm, hip 102 cm,circle thigh 62 cm ,circle leg 46 cm
Size XL, before use around Length 102 cm, waist 106 cm, hip 106 cm ,circle thigh 64 cm,circle leg 46 cm.

Code : MBDR Pants 228,size XL

Code : BC 075
Price & Color:
Light Orange, reject there is little dust spot in the front of white shirt (1 piece ) .It seems can be wash.

Price: Rp 35.000/piece . Disc Become : Rp 32.000,-
Light Blue, reject there is dust spot in the back white shirt (1 piece). .It seems can be wash.

Price: Rp 35.000/piece . Disc Become : Rp 30.000,-
For age: 0 - 5 month
material: Jersey
Model Bodysuit

I also sell underwear (bra, Cd, lingerie, corset) for maternity/big & breastfeeding with reachable price.I also sell fashion branded.

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